Waxes by WFS


Wax products could not be more numerous and versatile. In addition to the many different waxes, such as stearin, montan, carnauba, beeswax and polyethylene waxes, there is a wide variety of wax formulations and mixtures. Thus, Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH, as a competent and experienced manufacturer of wax products, offers a wide range of wax-based products, which can be extended and fine-tuned according to customer requirements.

Wax colours: Colour shades for candle wax
Wax colours are used to colour candle wax. This can be done by fat-soluble colours with UV sensitivity or by pigments. However, the use of the latter is not in the assortment of the Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH.

Wick waxes: Indispensable for tealights
Wick waxes find their special use in the waxing of wicks for tea lights.

Dipping wax concentrates: A touch of colour for candles
Dipping wax concentrates are waxes that are used to give conventional household candles a special coating or to dip uncoloured candles.

Candle waxes: For the most charming way to produce light
Candle wax products can consist of a wide variety of raw materials, such as paraffin, stearin, beeswax or mixtures of these. Depending on the harder or softer quality, different paraffins are formed, which produce different consistencies of wax. For example, casting waxes or kneading waxes are produced in this way.

Relief waxes: For arts and crafts made of wax
Relief waxes are not so much used in traditional candle production as in arts and crafts or embossing candles. These waxes are used to cast special reliefs, to immortalize cooper-like motifs in wax and to make these images permanently durable.

Adhesive waxes: The particularly sticky waxes
Adhesive waxes are special waxes for application on candles with special adhesion.

Modelling waxes: Material used by artists and sculptors
Modelling waxes serve as special waxes for artists or sculptors and are used, for example, in the melting process for bronze casting. Modelling waxes exist in various colours and degrees of hardness, are easy to knead and can be easily modelled, spackled or stencilled. They also give candles a three-dimensional effect.

Ski waxes: For the smooth glide downhill
Ski waxes are applied to the base of skis and snowboards. They increase the gliding properties of the sports equipment. Ski waxes are available as hot and cold waxes and differ in their melting temperature, durability and processing method.

Aroma waxes: Wellness effect and aroma therapy
Waxes, for example aromatic waxes, are also an important component of wellness products.

Antique waxes: For the beauty of the old
Antique furniture requires special care. Special waxes such as antique waxes protect antique furniture, emphasize the beauty of the respective wood and put an effective protective film on the surfaces.

Furniture waxes: Protection for the furnishings

Not only antique furniture requires special and thorough care. Newer furniture gets a protective layer by special waxes as well. These furniture waxes have a polishing effect, put a protective film on surfaces and make materials more resistant.

Organic wax glazes: Natural raw materials for the environment’s sake
Organic wax glazes are based on the use of natural raw materials and are subject to special environmentally friendly processing. In most cases, organic wax glazes are used in the treatment of wood, often in outdoor areas (such as wooden houses, carports, etc.). These waxes can be based either on linseed oil or alkyd resins.


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