Oils by WFS


Oil-based care products are particularly suitable for treating natural, untreated products. Special teak wood, furniture care or flooring oils prevent the respective woods from drying out and protect against weather influences and UV rays.

Teak oils: Back to the natural colouring of the wood
Teak is extremely sensitive to light. After a few months the natural colouring of the wood begins to fade due to the effects of light, moisture and oxygen. Special oils help to eliminate greying and regain the natural colouring.

Furniture care oils: resistance for wood
Furniture care oils make woods more resistant, diffusible and antistatic. Furthermore, these oils can deepen and revitalise the natural structure and colouring of the wood.

Floor oils: protection and care of wooden floors
Floor oils particularly make softwood floors and cork less sensitive to dirt, abrasion and water. The colour of the wood can also be enhanced by using these oils.


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