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The product possibilities and areas of application for cleaners are almost infinite. As a manufacturer of cleaning agents, Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH offers the individual production of window cleaners and sanitary cleaning agents, organic, vinegar, citrus, plexiglass, carpet and all-purpose cleaners, but also neutral soap or special cleaners such as silicone, rim or engine cleaners. Strict quality control and highly effective substances guarantee an optimal performance of the surfactants for precise cleaning, care and protection. Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH attaches great importance to substances that are harmless to health and to production mechanisms that are environmentally friendly.

Fenster Window cleaning agents: The streak-free shine
The range of window cleaning products is based on alcohol cleaners with decalcifying additives. A high dirt dissolving power, thorough cleaning performance and streak-free shine are achieved.

Sanitary cleaning agents: reliability in all areas of life
Sanitary cleaning products are used in almost all areas of life, whether in private households, public facilities or industrial plants. These special products are characterised by a strong dirt dissolving power and a high disinfecting effect and are used, among other things, to remove water, urine, limescale deposits, rust or even grey haze.

Bio Cleaner: High cleaning power, gentle on the environment and skin
Bio cleaners are made from biodegradable raw materials. Nevertheless, these cleaners have a high effectiveness and cleaning power.

Vinegar-based cleaners: The all-rounders
Probably the best known and oldest type of cleaner is the vinegar-based cleaner. The popular all-purpose cleaner is used as a special cleaning agent to remove limescale, for example on fittings, washbasins, shower trays or bathtubs. Besides the decalcifying property, vinegar cleaners also have a disinfecting effect.

Citrus cleaner: A tried and tested cleaning agent
On the basis of citric acid, Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH produces citrus cleaners according to customer requests. Like vinegar-based cleaners, citrus cleaners belong to the well-proven cleaning agents. Citrus cleaners are used in the sanitary area or as rinse aid in dishwashers and have a similar disinfecting effect as vinegar cleaners besides an anti-odour effect.

Plexiglas cleaner: Special cleaning for special surfaces
Plexiglas cleaners are solvent-based cleaners that are specially developed as care products for Plexiglas. These cleaners prevent stress corrosion and smooth the edges of scratches by using mild abrasives. After cleaning, surfaces appear smooth as new again.

All-purpose cleaners: The all-rounders among the cleaning agents
All-purpose cleaners are produced on a soap basis and can be used universally as all-rounders. Despite economical dosage, all-purpose cleaners offer the highest dirt dissolving power and are characterised by special skin compatibility and fragrance neutrality. As an additional feature, these cleaners can have a disinfecting effect.

Neutral soap: Particular mildness for environment and skin

Neutral soaps are particularly environmentally and skin-friendly universal cleaners which are pH-neutral and therefore particularly mild. Almost all surfaces such as wood, stone, plastic or textiles can be cleaned with neutral soap.

Carpet cleaners: Deep cleaning down to the last fibre
Carpet cleaners are divided into soap cleaners, powder cleaners, spray cleaners and soap-free cleaners. They all reliably remove traces of use and persistent dirt. Deep cleaning, odour removal and hygienic cleanliness are the aim of these products.

Special cleaners: Special cleaning for special needs
Specialised applications require special cleaning agents. Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH individually develops specific cleaners for its customers, such as silicone cleaners, rim cleaners or engine cleaners. The company is happy to react flexibly to special requirements by developing new cleaning agents.

  • Silicone cleaners: The safe protection against dirt
    Depending on the composition, silicone cleaners are suitable for almost all surfaces. These cleaners reliably remove silicone residues and protect against almost all types of dirt.
  • Rim cleaner: The best agent for brightly polished rims
    To obtain brightly polished rims, you should use a special cleaner: The rim cleaner. Different cleaners are necessary for aluminium and steel rims. Oil, grease and dirt can be optimally removed with them.
  • Engine cleaner: The safe removal of oil residues
    In order to clean engines thoroughly, cleaners are used which specifically remove oil residues.


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